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How are NFT Earnings Taxed?

NFTs are becoming a hot new commodity, making many people rich overnight.  Just like with anything that makes money, however, it's important to think about the tax implications of the trading of...

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Feb 21, 2022

What Is Cost Basis, and Why Is It Important?

To put it simply, cost basis is the total amount invested in a stock or a property, plus any fees or commission involved in the purchase. It’s recorded by using the dollar amount of the investment or...

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Dec 17, 2021

A Little Message from Susan: Tax Planning

It’s the MOST beautiful time of the year! Tax planning time! I bet with an intro like that you thought this blog post was going to be all about how magical the holidays can be and, while that is...

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Aug 30, 2021

Simple Guide to Tax Planning for Attorneys

As an attorney, you specialize in helping your clients navigate matters of the law. But managing the accounting and tax planning for your firm may be an entirely different story. Because tax laws can...

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Jan 06, 2021

Tax Planning for Franchises

If you're a franchisee, it makes dollars and sense to partner with the MB Group for strategic tax planning for franchises and franchisees. We will work closely with you to help save you time and...

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Dec 21, 2020

4 Tax Planning Tips for Physicians You Should Be Using Today

Day in and day out, you dedicate your life's work to saving lives and improving the wellness of others. Far too often, however, your dedication often leaves little to no time for matters in your own...

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Dec 15, 2020

Key Estate Planning Strategies Everyone Should Use

You've worked hard to create a nest egg to support your lifestyle and help those closest to you toward their own goals. However, if you fail to engage in estate tax planning, the inheritance you...

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Dec 07, 2020

How to Reduce Taxable Income For Small Businesses

Taxes can be extremely taxing for small business owners. Because you're already the CMO, CEO, CIO, and everything else, the last thing on your plate is to pay Uncle Sam more of your hard-earned...

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Nov 26, 2020

Tax Planning Strategies For Your Retirement

You've worked to build the nest egg that can last you throughout your golden years and leave an inheritance to those you care about the most. However, if you fail to utilize effective tax...

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Nov 09, 2020

How Will COVID-19 Laws Affect Your Taxes?

As if 2020 wasn't already tumultuous enough: tax season is upon us. And just like every other facet of life, COVID-19 has indeed had an impact on taxes. If you're not careful and meticulous about...

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