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Susan’s booklet "A CPA’s Recipe for Business Success" was recently released, and we had a quick chat in the kitchen. We asked her to share a few tidbits about what inspired the piece, as well as how MBG can help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

What prompted you to write “A CPA’s Recipe for Business Success?”

Gosh, it’s so interesting, even to me, how this little project came about. I had received achef's hat graphic couple of passport-style sales pieces from different companies — one from a bank and the other from a consultant — and I really loved the format. I thought it was an excellent way to share information — it’s short enough for even the busiest business owner to read…and we all know that business owners have no time for anything.

That got me thinking about what key information I would share in the same style booklet if I could, what are the most frequently discussed topics in conversations with our clients, where I see most business owners struggle and how could I use all the things I have learned as a CPA to help them be successful. I guess I was destined to write this little recipe because it just poured out and was done in no time flat.

What do you hope readers take away from your booklet?

My sincerest wish is that my words can help them build the business of their dreams. I want each business owner to be empowered with the mindset to move from being self-employed to leading a world-class enterprise.

Sometimes, I get strange looks from people when they hear me saying these words and then find out that I’m a CPA working public accounting — most clients only think we complete bank reconciliations or prepare tax returns. CPAs have a lot of knowledge gained from working with many kinds of businesses across various industries and often business owners aren’t leveraging all this acumen to help them drive results in their companies.

How does MB Group help business owners to use this recipe?

spatula and spoon graphicWe ask a lot of questions — our curiosity leads our clients to gain clarity.  When we are engaged to provide strategic planning and advisory services, we start by getting intentional at the beginning of each year by developing a plan to achieve the organization’s top 4 priorities.

The plan gets written down and published to all employees so everyone is rowing in the same direction (enhancing engagement which leads to increased productivity and profitability). The perception of the business owner is shifted from worker to leader.

As the year progresses, we assist with the creation and implementation of other critical management tools, including a budget, metrics, and accountability chart. At the end of each year, we create a Year in Review so the business can celebrate all their achievements. Each January, we start over and push to move the business one notch closer to owner’s dream.

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